Текст песни Mychael Danna - A Story Of Boy Meets Girl

(500) Days Of Summer - OST /  500 дней лета - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Mychael Danna
Альбом: (500) Days Of Summer - OST / 500 дней лета - Саундтрек
Длительность: 01:36
Рейтинг: 7434
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: -K1LLa-


This is a Story of Boy meets Girl. The boy Tom Hanson of Margot, New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be Happy until the day he Met the One. This Belief stand from early exposer to sad British pop music and a complete misreading of the Movie "The Graduate". The Girl Summer Finn of Michigan, Did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her Parents Marriage, She'd only Loved two things. The first was her Long Dark Hair, the Second was how easy she could cut if off and Feel Nothing. Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she's who he's been searching for. This is a Story of Boy Meets Girl but you Should know upfront this is NOT a Love Story
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