Текст песни Mighty Casey - White Girls

White Chicks - OST / Белые цыпочки - Саундтрек
Жанр: Pop / OST
Исполнитель: Mighty Casey
Альбом: White Chicks - OST / Белые цыпочки - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:00
Рейтинг: 5140
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Gordo


[Chorus: Mighty Casey] White girlllllllllls, (Suzy,Jen, and Karen) Going through my miiiiiind, (Sarah, Jesse and Julie, too) White girlllllllllls, (Judy,Beth, and Sharon) Help me unwiiiiiiind (The more I see the more I do) Don't tell Minister Farrakhan (That's right) He don't wanna know what's going on (Ok) Cuz white girllllllllllls, won't go away.. [Verse 1] Ticket to ride, white girl highway Tell all the white girls they can swing my way What up baby girl how ya doing is you single Have you ever messed with a light skinned mandingo And I can give damn, what all my friends say to me You and me baby can start making up for slavery Girl I'm just playin I got a white mom You got any black in you (no), would you like some O' word, you like my songs that be playin on tha radio You know they send tears to a flattery fleratio I ain't a pickie guy so I really don't care I'll hit a white chick that got undron hair Or a ghetto white chick who be trying to act black With your name on your chain and her hair slicked back You can be anywhere Maine down to Malibu From a Trailer park or tha way to park avenue See me with a black girl you not gon' comment Or it might just been a white girl with a tan And sista's don't get mad cause I'm out bangin white chicks Cause we all look tha same when we turn off the light swicth See back in the day I was getting no play Then I went the white girl way like "OJ" So you can call on "Kato", but I'm sorry "OJ" Cause I got my white girl and everything is ok [Chorus] [Verse 2] I've had rich ones, poor ones, I've even had some famous ones Like "Tracy Lawerence", "Houston", and "Jenna Jameson" Right about now I'm on probation for three years Cause I caught a stat case for having sex with "Britney Spears" Got head in her dressing room I busted on her chin Oops (spaooooo), I did it again, "Gwenyth Paltrow" always saying I be making her laugh, she gave me head Cause If I hit it I would break her in half She ain't even the only white actress on my mattress I even had sex with that fat chick from "The Pratice" And "Katie Holmes" always trying to take me home Callin me on the phone sayin, 'Casey make me moan' Smokin weed on the jets again, on a higher plane Hate country music wanna bang "Shania Twain" Whether short or tall, whether blonde or brunette I ain't met a white girl that I would'nt do yet And I got "Alyssa Milano" hitting high notes like sopranos When we all up in my bedroom making some 'milanoes' I really don't think there a girl that I missed I used to like "Mariah", till I learned she was mixed For those who gettin furious please don't take me serious I'm just wildin' out like "Eddie Murphy" in "Delirous" But if you took offense and you black or you white I glad you did sucka cause you way too up tight [Chorus]
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