Текст песни Outlawz - Immortal

Sounds Of Tha Row
Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Outlawz
Альбом: Sounds Of Tha Row
Длительность: 04:31
Рейтинг: 339
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Загрузил: alnico


give me my money in stacks, and lace my *****es with dime figures real niggaz fingers on nickel plated 9 triggers must c my enemies defeated, catch em while they coked up and weeded open fire now the niggaz bleedin give me my lyrics full of fury, and make every line shine like jewelry haters indicting niggaz like the grand jury make em regret the day they met me, the playa hatin niggaz resent me cuz all they tricks is in a rush to sex me but i've been heavy in the game since 71, the world aint ready 4 my mom duke celebrity son but now they ass out, my shits so lethal making jealous niggaz pass out 2 all my people who love the music on my last album, i must assure u this is better get ya cash out outlaw immortal play the ***** and get your ass tossed run up in mother****as spots like the task force niggaz is hoppin, but they aint jumpin cuz they petrified u can hold my clip, set it up and best believe it' a get ya high (yeah nigga) 2 all my playaz on tha westside, we still be ballin on these *****es when the rest die trying 2 maintain while these pussy niggaz be jockin me attempt to copy me, they operatin slopply, there aint no stoppin me i'm lost in the zone, suspicious cuz the war's on I gotta strategy, non cyper emphatically, my politics is bomb first go on 1st tradin war stories, seein who went wrong 1st run with the brothers that love me, the ones that pull for me life has so many rewards...outlaw immortalz!
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