Текст песни Hazmat - Burden Of Proof

Жанр: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Hazmat
Альбом: Atonement
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 108
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: roman6673


How dare we suggest define the dawn of time And who's really seeking the truth For those that accept what others deny They fight till last breath nail and tooth HATRED DIVISION result as they preach Tolerance and understanding VIOLENCE DEATH condemned in one breath Exhale as the fatal blows landing Equality as mythical as answers in the sky With the want to find superior in beings An imaginary friend to a child you say a lie Invisible gods become a part of our teaching PEACE RESPECT listen as they speak Views or one or other they sell WORSHIP OBEY for no other reason No one wants to burn in hell Who's right or wrong Who speaks the truth Who dares to hold The burden of proof So hold a court and summons the makers Use belief to make your masters attend For all the blind faith and unnatural justice Who'll make a case to defend What say you of the blood on the streets Or the child that was born to die For the millions of souls that have died in your names Could you now explain to us why Who's right or wrong Who's stretched the truth Who wrote the books Who keeps the loot Who corrupted the minds Who stole the youth Who dares to hold the burden of proof On bended knees as they all start to pray All kinda hoping for some sort of better day Truth is we know where we stepped and where we stand In a world of bother by nobody's hand Now your Gods of peace become your gods of war You have to ask yourself what the hell you're fighting for It's not up to you and me to seek the truth It's up to them to hold the burden of proof The truth is it's man who spreads blood through the lands Empowered by interpretation Some with great buckets of snake oil to sell The truest of all revelations PEACE RESPECT no religion you need Just a moral obligation VIOLENCE DEATH a man made effect Abused faith a human condition Who's right or wrong Who stretched the truth Who wrote the books Who keeps the loot Who corrupted the minds Who stole the youth And who dares to hold the burden of proof
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