Текст песни Casting Crowns - Jesus, Hold Me Now

Until The Whole World Hears
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Casting Crowns
Альбом: Until The Whole World Hears
Длительность: 04:16
Рейтинг: 523
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Загрузил: -K1LLa-


Living on my own, thinking for myself Castles in the sand, temporary wealth Now the walls are falling down Now the storms are closing in And here I am again Jesus, hold me now I need to feel You in this place To know You’re by my side And hear Your voice tonight Jesus, hold me now I long for Your embrace I’m beat and broken down I can’t find my way out Jesus, hold me now Curse this morning sun, drags me into one more day Of reaping what I’ve sown, living with my shame Welcome to my world, and the life that I have made One day you’re a prince, and the next day you’re a slave Lord, I just looked up today And realized how far away I am from where You are I don’t know what else to pray Broken at Your feet I lay The life I’ve torn apart Jesus, hold me now Jesus, hold me now Jesus, hold me now Jesus, hold me now
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