Текст песни Exodus - Forward March

Tempo Of The Damned
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Exodus
Альбом: Tempo Of The Damned
Длительность: 07:39
Рейтинг: 2667
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Загрузил: gavrilikcrows


In life you're moving forward, But sometimes for the worse. Always keep a step ahead, Never in reverse. The cars are stuck against you In everything you do But you try to get out alive, When you don't have a clue. You always feel a tension Breathing down your back. To be the best that you can be To be on the attack. Kicking down the wall And kicking your face in Means I'm moving forward My new life can begin Forward march in your face Taking back, taking place Before you die, living fast Take a chance, hauling ass Never, no never, no never Move in reverse Here I am, I moving straight Fucking forward and I taking all the steps To blow on right pass you I'll never gonna back down to you And all your people who think that You're the best no one can Beat you, well I've got Some news for you, you, motherfucker There's a new man in town, Who isn't any sucker So if you don't back down, I'll put my bet to an angry motherfucker, Such as you Now I'm going to wipe out All those who say they're first. I will be the first in line, My attitudes are worst Because I am so spoiled And never second best I will leave you in the dust And lay your ass to rest So never underestimate The mind of evil thoughts I will bring you down And spit you out before I caught Because I have to power And the upper hand Everybody in the way Will now that I'm a man
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