Текст песни Joe Budden - Pop Off

Def Jam: Fight For NY - Саундтрек
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Joe Budden
Альбом: Def Jam: Fight For NY - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:48
Рейтинг: 1893
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: lama987


AJ ... AJ... Jersey City haa... Ha...About.... About the city y'all's No one to a top y'all's J...J...Just Blaze Break a one Now, Freak a one now Freak and let me see your check to the pace rain Who's just gay Jump Off beezy and am I to Just Blaze Chop the beef and why (Hééééé) I've been waited your face in your hectic eight to lore the guess freedom, Son I got a black all smash, for he's got him moll in black scow aaaahhhh, you can hear we're flak your starch. You can got for be the snatch your ass you just pole have a skin but when fell off you fake into your clap like. You get a no let really strong and off the care where you wait but you re-call her. It's all facts, get up man into your home and get that line and had a go back. CHORUS: We don't keep this thing jumble We don't keep this thing topple We never been for be the snatch it (TCHE) I'm break break break by asshole A snare fall y'all .... pena A snare fall y'all .... Keep that ....(Yap that fool) Keep that ....(Yap that fool) We will want tin, we will want tin [ From: ] Let me tell and check what will want tin Freak and let me check what we will want tin Whole wish we gonna go we'll want tin Not the cabs in the last is so get not no bless before anybody. I 've get the rain and she can forth maybe don't be stings in your bless in north. Two second you reach and off we won't do back in the fake in staff Still the like have you do there barmy Still the no on your and white fee I've just tried before you like me like host these quote you'll passive I mean the club do you jump off I see for no the try me and who's my snatch it CHORUS Break a one now, Freak a one now That your neck mean to freak a want now Maybe got a know where she wake up main She want to cut and to take on a tin Oh mama my you do a neutral My ass is do a narrow How we gone swigs to open a jeans How we gone piss red up to my team How we gone a be a nerd them respect we'll not to be a nerd. How we gone wore that term we'll not tried to her we said we'll not tried her she said she's quelled Let flitch hailed a piston Let her do hailed a piston Come to come rap which above a do when a Rap star pack a poke felled CHORUS Read more: JOE BUDDEN - POP OFF LYRICS
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