Текст песни Fun Lovin' Criminals - How It Be

Livin' In The City
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fun Lovin' Criminals
Альбом: Livin' In The City
Длительность: 03:58
Рейтинг: 538
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Загрузил: magda


Ay-yo i change up but what i can't remember but when i buckle down I knuckle up all the contenders pretenders get passed. The girls get gassed they playin' pass the ass bumpin' Teddy Pendergrass all night long with your bullshit talkin' litical. Litical. But your crew is all soft i Knock your best shot off the right field fence served ain't the word. You got sent You don't know how it be you don't know what i feel and you don't know what i see When i walk my dog at four in the morning You want to know how it really be. What you live and see what you gotta weed. The criminality who's livin it up. Who still gut the guts who's payin to fuck who got in his truck i'm pushin' my luck down the ave with my crew. Lustin for loot. Dustin for fools blind to the bulls. Twenties gleamin like jewels straight not givin'a fuck... You don t know how it be You don't know what i feel And you don't know what i see When i walk my dog at four in the morning
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