Текст песни MC Ren - Showtime

Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: MC Ren
Альбом: Renincarnated
Длительность: 04:09
Рейтинг: 573
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: moha2


Born and raised in the cpt. Newest 16 niggaz couldn't fuck wit me Blowin' out niggaz in parties was elematary 18th nigga the may, rap history Smoke the best weed hoes exotic Pretty toney ya bitch, she told me she got it The shit is too simple you niggaz you make it hard You ass should resign nigga never resigned Hub city told my black ass well That's why's no endin' to this villianist tales and in the street niggaz still repected From the first fuckin mic I blew in and soundchecked it check 1-2, nigga split the swisher Let me knock down three like (...) fisher This is Calli, where the Villain was born I'm on stage at the stables nigga you in the form and it's... (chorus) You know when Villain hit the stage grab the mic start doin' my shit it's... this nigga in the front row, mad dawg and i ain't trippin cuz this bitch know it's... now wave ya hands in the air hell yeah nigga we don't care cuz it's... it's showtime nigga grab the weed light it up put yo middlefingers up, wat! (Talking) Man, you niggaz is pathetic man makin the Villain came out and do this shit fo' y'all Don't make have to do this shit again Nigga bring it back now, Villain (2. Verse) Niggaz know I'm the mad scientist Cuz if it ain't ruff it ain't the motherfuckin villain, nigga Ya niggaz know I fucked wit the best All this fuckin G shit came from the west Best weed wit the badest hoes Can depaint deuces, trays and 4's But fuck that I'm on my way to the show Bitches wanna jog 'fore I walk to the door I'm like "Game" give it up for the hub I'm like my nigga dime nate that throwin the dub God love for my niggaz in the bay Compton, Watts, Long Beach, LA So don't trip on the california love Villain just gotta give it up thats whats up Y'all see me when I come to your town I hit the stage, do my shit homie it's goin down and it's... (chorus) (Talking) Man you bitch ass niggaz feel the shit, tho' Niggaz whish i can make em spit like this You know what? nigga fuck it Bring it back now, villain (3. verse) Verse three, let me finish this shit Renincarnated another fuckin hit A street classic, i handle my time I swally my fuckin body everytime that I rhyme On the charts let me see the bitch climb Nigga Ren did it again the shit mine Should I kick back for another 10 Renincarnate come back to lil wayne But that lil' nigga colder than me Ya last gotta wait to see so don't fuck wit me Hub city we done did it again Ya know we ain't loosin when you fuckin wit Ren But tonite it's only crackin' We 'bout to do a show 6 minutes to go So grab your bitch, homie blaze the blunt And make sure you punk ass right or front cuz it's... (chorus) x2
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