Текст песни MC Ren - Renincarnated

Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: MC Ren
Альбом: Renincarnated
Длительность: 04:19
Рейтинг: 786
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: moha2


[Intro: MC Ren, The Velvelettes] You can't follow this, I didn't leave a scent You can't fool the 5 percent, that me and Train represent A cut from the song "He was really saying something" Renincarnated, I'm about to Darth Vader again Be the villain, cause these niggas is lame Is no revenge for the bitches you's a legend in vain How the fuck you a legend nigga never went gold Game, most of you sold that's why your shit went cold The black nigga Ren leave your ass exposed Callin' all clones back y'all don't know how to act That took my shit, and big, never brought the bitch back Go make a loutish, you're wasting my time Quit believing motherfuckers when they say you can rhyme Better bow down to villain, pay your respect The praise is expect dealing with you niggas is hectic Compton's messiah, part of the scripture Make your ass look small, when I jump in the picture That's when the real will hit ya Nigga Ren can hit ya Nigga Renincarnated, I'm knowin' you bitches hatin' Bullshit out here, nigga villain back to make that shit disappear Fuck my peers, the return of a Cyrus Droping a virus It's the Compton who done it, fuck your bitch and want it Nigga think 'bout who done it, not your bitch ass team Wearing fuckin' pink and wearing skinny jeans Looking like bitches talking gangsta shit That's the thanks I get? Thinking you the Compton shit? Your bitch is jockin' cause your ass is local She put my wing-ding ding-a-ling jump in the vocal What the fuck can I say, when I'm up in the booth Y'all bitch ass niggas know I'm telling the truth It's that West Coast Cali bud, lyrics is fire Make your ass retire before your punk ass hit a flyer It can only be one villain, one villain in this So tell your niggas you ain't fucking with this, let's go Let me kill these fake villains that be using my shit From 88 to now, your ass ain't laughing now The return of the villain nigga shock of the hour You shock for power about to shock for cowards I know the game changed since last i was in it It's nothing to applause plus you niggas is soft Y'all try to be the mad scientist the apprentice I started this gangsta shit so now I'm 'bout to finish it nigga I'm the rightful heir to the throne Compton shockers hulu You bitches is so through You want me on your shit i ain't fucking with you Your shit be so plain 1 percent of your brain This the only shit y'all use when you up in this game You a legend up in your hood They got your ass feeling good You still a bitch nigga trying copy the villain Renincarnated i know these bitches hate it!
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