Текст песни X Japan - Art Of Life

Art Of Life
Жанр: J-Rock / Symphonic Metal / Visual Kei
Исполнитель: X Japan
Альбом: Art Of Life
Длительность: 29:00
Рейтинг: 888
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Shusha


I'm breaking the wall inside my heart I just wanna let my emotions get out Nobody can stop I'm running to freedom No matter how you try to hold me in your world Like a doll carried by the flow of time I sacrificed the present moment for the future I was in chains of memory half-blinded Losing my heart, walking in the sea of dreams Close my eyes Rose breathes I can hear All love and sadness melt in my heart Dry my tears Wipe my bloody face I wanna feel me living my life Outside my mind Dreams can make me mad I can't leave my dream I can't stop myself Don't know what I am What lies are truth ? What truths are lies ? I believe in the madness called "Now" Time goes flowing, breaking my heart Wanna to live Can't let my heart kill myself Still I haven't found what I'm looking for Art of life I try to stop myself But my heart goes to destroy the truth Tell me why I want the meaning of my life Do I try to live, Do I try to love Art of life An Eternal Bleeding heart You never wanna breathe your last Wanna live Can't let my heart kill myself Still I'm feeling for A Rose is breathing love In my life
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