Текст песни Stakka Bo - Down The Drain

Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Stakka Bo
Альбом: Supermarket
Длительность: 03:36
Рейтинг: 579
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: gorugo


looks like we're going down the hill and we're going kind of fast, excited by the thrill, a rollercoaster ride down the drain together with a lot of toxics dissolving our brains!!! a contradiction in terms - evolution reversed! things should get better, instead they get worse! we see it all happen, safe distance, on the telly - happy zapping round the world, pick your dream, scratch your belly!!! like this bad case of virus, emerging from the soil, instead of finding a cure we lance the boils so purulent matter is flooding the seas. keep on dumping, just pay your fees... we literally lay clouds of smoke, concealing what goes on. but when or if the smoke gores down we'll know what we have done!!! mountains of waste formed by all our buys like towers of babel reaching for the skies!!! to bad we couldn't stay, we're on our way straight on down the drain! we're taking off today, so get on board the train don't buy a toothpaste if the packaging ain't double, have a plastic bag to carry it with out trouble. but i keep empty bottles in one bag and paper in another, yet the rest is too much for me to even bother... wash your jeans, i know you've worn them twice! if you won't get that stain out, chlorine is my advice! it's a shame about bosnia, because killing is a sin, i'm off to a game, you'll see trouble if we don't win!!! generations of wisdom used to alter our creations towards virtual reality and fake stimulations! I want to feel better - this pain has a source - but i can't cope with it (i'll have usual, of course) love was a cure, now that puts our lives on a rope... if you won't catch it there, you'll catch it doing dope! so the ultimate escape is yet to be found, run all you can, but the earth is still round!!!
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