Текст песни Swollen Members - Meltdown

Armed To The Teeth
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Swollen Members
Альбом: Armed To The Teeth
Длительность: 03:08
Рейтинг: 2406
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DeadSouljah


*kinky* yeah uh huh yo yeah, yeah, yo, uh huh (chanting) swollen, swollen, swollen, swollen [Prevail] six years and arrow heads barrels and parrot heads apocalyptic slit throat apply pressure espionage black overcoat catcher in the rye i telescope the Deathproof of a planet called terror I'm a Grindhouse bearer with bad news sun moon and stars bears my seal like bloody sabbath eels for hungry maggots negative temperature in the meat locker i final resting place for rappers and beef boxers you play the bitch role ilke Starscream to Megatron the Soundwave engraved in my name lead you to martyrdom highly celebrated your mutilated like live stock socererers apprentice to Merlin's powerful warlock spellbound meltdown gold for armour while my hellhounds hunt down pray for honour more strength in my legion than 300 from sparta cannonballs crush the dawning of my armada [Mad Child] this country needs a hero you godless heathens hip hop is not dead but it's hardly breathing bring life back to it yeah shine a little light so the crazy kids can listen in the middle of the night Mad Child box tomahawk i'm a mohawk indian angel from hell so fuck your opinion it's dangerous to make friends with strangers when i'm not with them i remain the Lone Ranger 15 reasons not to cause anger 14 in the clip, plus one in the chamber and i will not pretend i am not down with brown killas got gang squad watching my home cuz i roam with known felons knock. knock, i got nothing to kill em so everywhere i go i keep stop the chop the villan will they keep poppin' pills till the shit kill him or will he drop baby before my wheels don't stop spinning no time, change the topic shane's brain is a little bit offset i'm hot some of the my thoughts got too much topspin [Prevail] the code of the warrior is armed to the teeth what we make in the studio spills on to the streets we take over the stage we're enraged like a beast we're let out the cage and after family, we feast [Mad Child] psychotic episode voices in my head bad choices poison should be dead half force half boulevard red head hunter still love god but i'm still a little monster (two years passed by) that's news to me now these drugs aren't as good as they used to be so i'm take a little break and make some death music that's self abusive dark marching music I'm startin' to lose it its already been gone still killer strong i am King Kong with the wild and restless spirit let it pain for rain in my lyrics i'm insane thats my main interference that's blood in the sink that's shane in the mirror and i refuse to respect my enemies if that's souls are cold and ungernerous that's how I feel real gangsters are gentlemen hold cold steel if they feel the adrenaline still we'l kill if still feel life depend on it not for a meal that's serving' the devil shit the misguided angel is heaven sent don't call this a come back we never left [Spoken] "Most people are surprised that I walk on two legs. and ah… I have no choice, I have to solve this, this problem. So I suppose my plans are to find an identity give off one life and get another one."
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