Текст песни Redman - Keep On '99

Doc's Da Name 2000
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Gangsta Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Doc's Da Name 2000
Длительность: 04:31
Рейтинг: 701
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Загрузил: Partizan


It's about 40 degrees out there I know all you out there listening to these sounds Humping and a bumping out in your jeeps Well, ahh..y-you tell em Moe (fart sound) That's right, and right now, we're gonna hit you off With one from Redman, and uhh, it's about uhh Well.. OOH OOH AHH AHH, he's gon', LET THE MONKEY OUT [Redman] Ha, Chi-Town in it Yo, yo-y-yo-yo Now first of all I be the Doc smoking blocks of hash Alert your fag ass commisioner when I harass because Hood regulation is, no infiltration If it's hot to your crew Then it's hot to the next patient I'm in The Bricks like backspins on the Knicks I'm not a playa, but y'all hating me like I'm a pimp These cars y'all talk about, the Doc already whipped You 'bout to go downtown bitch, like The Shiznit Overseas banging kok in the parking lot I'm overdosing in a Amsterdam coffee shop And when you lust for hardcore music to bust Trust that nigga who bubble more than Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus Static, niggas actin all dramatic I'd rather smoke cabbage, in the chair getting tatted My P.O. tried to violate me for the habit Because I walked in the office rocking straight karats Chorus: Gonna ride in the hoop' with a freak tonight Hope to God I don't have to pull the heat tonight But uhh, light up a L cause I'm a nigga for life Hustlers, got the shit that'll keep you high! [Female Voice] Just gently place the balls, into the mouth, and .. HUMMMMM Gently, place the balls into the mouth and.. HUMMMMM [Redman] Yo, I'm in your local ghetto rolling a Corona Deluxe Bitch you better hit the 40, fuck a margarita! Shit I still scam change out the parking meter And get a bunch of pussies wet overflooding peanuts Yes, smoke a quarter-sacks, hut one two My cerebral will keep the white boys sniffing glue Hotter than Champagne Rump Shaker Part II Get dap like the Mad Rapper, Who da fuck are you? The Loaded Desperado, I'm cooler than Rollo (Ay yo, what you hitting Doc?) I'm hitting hoes up in the Tahoe Gettin chickens fighting in the back of the Apollo Say, Fuck that! if I'm a tough act to follow (Fuck That!!!) Disagree I bring the beef gyro Only right I spiral the hot shit that I know [Eric Sermon] Then buy a six shot Eclipse with plastic grips [Redman] And get a gangsta bitch who love robbing shit! [Chorus] [Redman] It don't stop y'all, it don't stop nigga You don't stop y'all, it don't stop nigga I turn an independent woman back into a HOOCHIE Make a Jew rock a Dashiki and a KUFI [Eric Sermon] I be the, Nutty Professor, style aggressor Put rappers under pressure, with no cooker [Redman] Rock it to a T. like Booker, You're straight shook up I can't hang with pussy niggas who be scared as hell to push up Too much money and, not enough time It be, too many thugs and not enough nines Hey hoe, here come five-o, stash the blow Stop sucking on my dick and slide on your Kenneth Coles [Eric Sermon] And everytime we look around them niggas on my block [Redman] Ay yo them Def Squad motherfuckers keeps it hot [Chorus] (2X) HUMMMMM (2X) Redman - Keep On '99
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