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Pocket Universe
Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: Yello
Альбом: Pocket Universe
Длительность: 06:39
Рейтинг: 7784
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: jason_x


Yesterday I got that phone The streets are empty Now I am alone Too young to die Too old to live I gave them What I had to give I know They gonna do me in I know I have had my chance to win I know I have had my chance to choose Tonight I know I'm going loose Too old to live Too young to die A really silly thing to say The end of the street I feel my heartbeat Should I turn left Should I turn right I'm gonna die I stop to fight I've had my day But that's all right I know one day I had a friend Tonight I think this is my end Steps behind That's all I hear Sweating hand Now just fear He shouts my name I turn around That's where my body Will be found Don't ask how Don't ask why Too old to live Too young to die A few more seconds That's all I got I hope he does it with one shot With one shot
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