Текст песни Tech N9ne - Pinocchiho

Жанр: Hip-Hop / Horrorcore
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: K.O.D.
Длительность: 02:08
Рейтинг: 687
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DeadSouljah


[Verse 1] And I put my best foot forward on this night Put a couple of hands of grease in my hair and in my eyebrows and now I'm tight I want to be with a women and just this one But the taste of blood is still on my tongue If I could just eat food Instead of her D boobs I want this one alive when the morning comes! Chorus (x2) I just want to be a normal boy Just want to be a normal boy If I could be good and just Keep the women off my tongue She can be my number one... Lady [Verse 2] Oh please oh please oh please Just give me just one more clit One more tit One more bitch What does I gotta do to get me fixed 'Cause I gotta have this one in my mix She's so beautiful I would slit Both my wrists If she splits When she finds out that I'm so sick I eat women I really eat women They're really delicious I gotta be knowin' so I can make her the Mrs. I gotta date with her so I can tell her my wishes Even though I'm a beast but she don't know that I'm vicious So I meet her at her place and she's so sweet Made me dinner but really want her meat From her cheek Maybe her feet I'm tryna be discrete But I really want to eat her out completely Teach me To keep it away from her The eating and tape on her The chewing away fingers Once she feeds me I'm lovin' me tasting of her Can I just have a normal night I just want to be the man to live a normal life Normal wife Keep her in the formal white but the psycho creature with the horn will bite It's almost sun-up now I'm getting done up wow Fellatio But I found out she was insatiable She wanted me to do her too Don't want to see me through her view 'Cause I got on my knees And started doin' my deed But then I accidentally chewed her through! (Screams) Chorus (x2)
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