Текст песни Redman - True Crime

True Crime: New York City - OST
Жанр: Dance / Hip-Hop / OST
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: True Crime: New York City - OST
Длительность: 03:03
Рейтинг: 2671
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Загрузил: picknroll


[Intro] Yeah… Yeuuh! I don’t know what you gonna do about this one man Gilla (We ain’t going out like this mothafucker!) [Verse 1] A-yo, something going on I’m strapped I ain’t the one to be tiptoeing on and back My getaway cars, so keep the motor warm relax I’m ‘bout to fade niggas like corduroys and slacks You know the drama I bring, devil piranha, suicidal Nirvana Bomb like I was born from Osama’s mama The ocean liner rhymer, I keep it afloat My no goes workplace see who’s sleeping the most Now I’m in NYC ready for a showdown While the wolf got my weight up, face got no frown I’m in a trench I see a punk getting close So my right hand’s on my 357 straight from Oaktown My bullets make ya hammer dance to the ambulance Rock like the Duran Duran, Hanna Barbarian Hot when I’m behind the pen, Doc’ll go man-to-man Hoods raise up or feel shots like a cameraman [Hook] X2 OHHH!! What the fuck is going on!? How many motherfuckers on my back? How many mo’fuckers I’m gon' have to clap? It’s time to get up! [Verse 2] Yo, I’m pouring ash through the city Like P. Diddy sent me for cheesecake Yeah the cheese that come in a briefcase Redman, Gilla House sell weed on Ebay A man do what he want, a boy do what he says So I’ll go get my gun, go and show my True Crime Never scared, I walk in a joint like ‘Do summin’!’ I’ll move something, never stand around and wait for it Anything I cake on it, same way that Jay own it I’m tryna get back, hand on my click-clack Southside to Northside, G.W. Bridge at Shit getting ugly, I’m a Lion you a Kit-Kat Beating meeting me, yo your baby mamas wouldn’t risk that Think I’m laying down? NO! Zero on the ground flo' Got them in that black gun, bullets gotta now go Open up your brown nose, smell the underground DOPE! Redman, True Crime, Gilla ensemble [Hook] X4 OHHH!! What the fuck is going on!? How many motherfuckers on my back? How many mo’fucker I’m gon' have to clap? It’s time to get up! It’s time to get up, up, up!
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