Текст песни Moving Heroes - 1000 Years

Golden Times
Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: Moving Heroes
Альбом: Golden Times
Длительность: 03:50
Рейтинг: 1248
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Загрузил: milly_cat


2007 / Written by Jenier Belous One thousand years have passed… Don`t remember, don`t try. You are right, searching way`s to lie. Why take trouble again, Trouble in vain your callous heart? I have questions no more. Fool, who knocks on your alluring door. That`s a stranger inside. And he smiled, Leaving me in the night, just forever. One thousand years - I feel, I`ll survive. One thousand years will leave me alive. One thousand years will show, who is right – What is really black, what is really white. One thousand years in dangerous zone. In thousand years you`ll tell me: «Go on!» One thousand years will show me the rule – Black is never white, fool is always fool. I don`t try to explain – It`s the fire against the rain. I won`t pray you again, Yeah, it`s in vain. I have my pride. Nothing’s making me cry. While I breathe - dreams will never die. What is right, what is wrong? But you want me to leave you alone, Just forever.
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