Текст песни Levitation ft. Paco Fernandez - Oh Home

Volume 6(Volumen seis)
Жанр: Lounge
Исполнитель: Paco Fernandez ft. Levitation
Альбом: Volume 6(Volumen seis)
Длительность: 04:23
Рейтинг: 462
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Загрузил: boroda_21n


It's not you, but your soul I see, A golden light, sometimes flickering, It's not the mask, but your heart I feel, A hidden charm born of honesty, Through the dark its the light I seek and, Under every stone I turn lies a truth that is buried, And a cloud may make the sunlight weak, But soon enough each ray will break free, I know, its not easy to stand in the darkness, Some how I had to be beaten and burnt, For trying to show all this love to the devil, I tried to love him for he’s a lost soul oh, Oh it's all in you, I know, have to love them all, Don’t matter what they do, Oh Home, Oh Home, we're going Home Oh Home, Oh Home, Oh Home, we're going Home Oh Home, Oh Home, Oh now people get ready to reap what you’ve sewn, Here comes peace holding suffering, Golden light, arms of destiny, If we knew the way to pass suffering, Would we hear the call of the truths that sing, Oh Home, Oh Home, hey hey hey.. Oh Home, I need you, I need you now, Take your wings and you can begin to see, Oh oh oh oh Home, Home oh Home oh.
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