Текст песни Cretu And Thiers - Waterfall

Belle Epoque
Жанр: Synthpop
Исполнитель: Cretu And Thiers
Альбом: Belle Epoque
Длительность: 06:18
Рейтинг: 2507
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Загрузил: ozzianasha


Waterfall You keep on flowin' Waterfall You're gonna clean it all Waterfall And she was cryin' And you know what I feel inside When she came around She found me silent And you have seen it Like the times before When she got down to my love Has it been pretended So you will lead me now To another start Waterfall You keep on goin' Waterfall You're comin' from so far Waterfall I've paid the prizes I won't lose you My mother-nature-call Waterfall You keep on flowin' Waterfall You're fillin' up the tides Waterfall And she was cryin' Cause when you soothe me It makes the tides go by So many times I laid beside you Now I got a mind to Make another start Cause when I'll be achin' for love Someone's about to find you And I will feel for you In another time Waterfall You change my feelin' Waterfall She's comin' back to town Waterfall She's reachin' to me You're gonna try to save me Every time I'll come around Waterfall Flowin' around me Waterfall
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