Текст песни Wine From Tears - Night Of A Succubus

Through The Eyes Of A Mad
Жанр: Melodic Metal / Doom Death Metal
Исполнитель: Wine From Tears
Альбом: Through The Eyes Of A Mad
Длительность: 07:14
Рейтинг: 670
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: fantasy-life


Moon has reflected into her eyes In wavy hair, obscurity of night flies And there, there, on the hill She keeps alluring me In her pathetic eyes I see my pain... The truth and lies I scratch by nails the windows, painted black And watch her dark mess through the crack She walks among the graves Under the moon and rains The fire cares her face Dancing in twilight's grace... Tonight I damn myself, I damn my life Tempted and blinded like a fool... Beholder of amazing night witch Her sight is breaking off a mist Being thawn in gloomy light of twist I am chained to a window crack There is no salvation, and there's no way back My fingers are bleeding and hurt Behind the wall I hear the words The key is unlocking my door My executioner came, It is a confirm Her reflections are everywhere She seems to be true I hear the bells of my death But it has no value Now, my death is amusing the crowd But I don't, I don't here them loud I'm free, I'm going to her To the hill to meet her and to serve
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