Текст песни DMX - Dog Love (feat. Amerie & Janyce)

Year of the Dog...Again
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: DMX
Альбом: Year of the Dog...Again
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 2141
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Загрузил: Yoхан


[DMX {Americe and Janice harmonizing}] Uh (Owww) uh oh It's for the ladies (Ha ha) Strickly for the ladies (One more time) Hey, that's all this is Uh uh (Uh uh) [DMX] She was five seven one twenty-five Man, loose lips with those thighs (Uh) Couldn't just let her walk by (right), I ain't a thirsty nigga But right about now my throat was gettin real dry Shoo this shit, had to be the cutest bitch I seen in a long time and I don't do this shit, like Runnin up on hoes, what up ma, I'm X Cause you know how this goes, come on ma, I'm X We just chill, sat and talk to the first light And for the first time I didn't fuck on the first night And it was aight, shorty was a thorobred Like "Belly", we ain't fuck, she just gave me head, for real [Chorus] [Janice] From the time that the sun is up Till the stars show up It really doesn't matter to me It doesn't matter babe There's no love like the dog love There's no love, it's dog love [Amerie] No matter what, I'll hold you down Nobody else will come around Don't even matter cause There's no love like the dog love I got my dog love, got my dog love baby (There's no love, it's dog love) [DMX] I run with shorty, pass off the gun to shorty Do whatever gots to be done with shorty, straight like that When I hit her like "I'll be right back" Yo, I'll be right back, ain't no bullshittin, I'll be right back She got a nigga catchin feelings, I'm a street nigga hard body But, she got me catchin feelings Man, those eyes, those lips Be like damn, those thighs, those hips She like "blam", make a nigga have to touch somethin (For real) Not necessarily fuck somethin, as long as I touch somethin (For real) A nigga blood boil when I see another nigga holla (WHAT) Don't make me have to pop a nigga in his fuckin collar [Chorus] [DMX] Aiyyo, shit is goin to smooth (Uh) Since Stella got a new groove (Yeah) it's like we got somethin to prove We gon' make it, rain or shine My heart is yours and yours is mine Like Eve said, "Love Is Blind" (Come on), right about now I can't see shit cause you always on my mind Been like that, since I met her, had to have her so I went to get her But I'm a dog so I didn't sweat her And it wasn't bout the cheddar, I don't trick I got two things for bitches, couple of jokes and some dick Yeah the kid talk slick but that's not what I'm about We got dog love and me and shorty ridin it out, we out [Chorus] [Janice and Amerie] All I want is you in my life All I got is you in my life All I need is you in my life So I know I'm gonna be all right [Repeat]
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