Текст песни Paul Gilbert - Get It

Flying Dog
Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Paul Gilbert
Альбом: Flying Dog
Длительность: 02:27
Рейтинг: 665
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Загрузил: Stanny


She is smarter than your average girl But she still don't get it She could travel all the western world But she still won't get it It takes more than a mind to know Anybody will tell you so But she won't let me in Even though it's a sin to forget it Could it be that she would prefer her we Without me in it I would understand if another man Was around to win it Did the last one leave her cold Will the mystery unfold Leaves me wonderin' why No I can't even try to forget it Yeah, I knew that it wouldn't be easy But that don't stop me from trying And if I said I could just forget you I'd be lying My persistence paid, last night she stayed And we finally made it The surprise I found is she's been around And her heart is jaded I was blinded by my dream Sometimes things ain't what they seem Now, I must confess That I think it's best we forget it There I said it Don't regret it
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