Текст песни Immolation - Of Martyrs, And Men

Unholy Cult
Жанр: Death Metal
Исполнитель: Immolation
Альбом: Unholy Cult
Длительность: 05:26
Рейтинг: 746
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Загрузил: METALfaer


Burdened by the world, too weak to deal with life Bow to show your love, bow to show devotion Drowning in the sickness that vomits forth deceit Fear not what is said, but fear what you believe Ravaged by their words and into their open arms Like thieves they'll steal your mind and use it to control An endless sea of faces, an endless sea of loss Take your place in line and serve them until the end Do you think you follow greatness Do you think you follow the divine Do you think you are the chosen Do you think you are the few A genocide of faith The faithful wait their turn Just like slaves...hand in hand Just like ghosts...souls in hand You take their lives You take our hearts You have no shame You shake the world Dramatic stage For your own gain You say you're men We know you're cowards You pitiful fools The true strong remain Just like slaves...hand in hand Just like ghosts...now you're damned
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