Текст песни The Byrds - The World Turns All Around Her

Turn! Turn! Turn!
Жанр: Classic Rock
Исполнитель: The Byrds
Альбом: Turn! Turn! Turn!
Длительность: 02:17
Рейтинг: 802
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: sanenok


Well if you think she's everything you could want And if you think she's everything that could be Well I still think the world turns all around her And I still wish that she belonged to me I don't know how I ever could thought that I'd let her go and still be just the same Well I found out my world turned all around her And every where I go I hear her name Somewhere along the way I don't know why I thought that I would want to let her go But now whenever I see her with you I Realize how much I didn't know So if you tell her everyday you love her And if you tell her everything she could be You'll find out that your world will turn around her You'll feel the same if you should set her free
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