Текст песни 2Pac - Secretz Of War (feat. Outlawz)

Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: Resurrection
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 2699
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AlterBoy


Chorus (E.D.I. Amin): You either ride wit' us, or collide wit' us It's as simple as that for me and my niggaz You either ride wit' us, or collide wit' us It's as simple as that for me and my niggaz [E.D.I. Amin] War Time War Time, it's either yourz or mine Outlawz be on a grind, and a mission to shine And ride on em', leave em' stuck and fucked from the gate Set it straight, regulate wit' a bomb I'm about to detonate (Boom!) Hesitate, aww, now you know what ya'll niggaz were here to go If you know it was good for ya Buncha toy souljahs all dressed in fatigue But I'm Edi Amin on a mission to make em bleed Nigga what?, Nigga who? It was cool? and at you?, what the fuck is gone do? Barbecue and boo-hoo Ride or die, get money all at the same time Split the pie with the homie, ball at the same time Any nigga splippin', fall at the same time We all links in the chain, tryin to gain, do time We all see the sunshine But when you could do yourz, we'll bring these muthafuckas war Chorus (E.D.I. Amin): [2Pac] As I approach the scene, from smokin' green Got my eyes closed, niggaz so cold on my foes I make em' die froze Watch me make em' bleed, make em' G's Lord help me wit'it Got me paintin' pictures of a mil-ticket Help me get'it See me and pray for options but the pressures nonstop Niggaz get the pistol poppin' And watch they body drop I'm a lethal threat, watch me hit your set Flash on, blast on them bitch-made niggaz wit' my mask on Do it for profit, plus I'm, lookin for punks to bust on If you ain't screamin' WestSide, you can get the fuck on I'm seein' demons hittin' weed Got me hearin' screamin' Scared to go to sleep, watch the scene like a dope-fiend Probably be punished for it, though you can't ignore it I live the life of a thug nigga, and die for it Niggaz pass the clip and watch me bring em to the floor I got some shit that they ain't ready for (What you got?) I got the Secretz of War Chorus (E.D.I. Amin): [Yaki Kadafi] We do this thug life shit, like 4, 5, 6, dick em' Down wit' no rounds left up in the pound when the sounds (Here we go) Squeeze the lead off, I blow his mutha fuckin' head off Signal all the other outlawz to get this shit set off Yaki Kadafi, it ain't a cop here to stop me These streetz is black hockey and raw we get sloppy Put a pamper on your silly ass prestyle grammar Locked in the slammer, while I'm layed cocked back like a hammer Ya'll newly weds that in honey moons, times bout up Ya'll, that means I leave no trace found with you face, bounce, stuck Your pig scanners can't come close touch or even hit me Doin' my dirt, puttin' in work, you see shit, what you gonna do? Chorus (E.D.I. Amin): [Young Noble] We check the murder rate percentage Niggaz is finished Get blood checks from clinics This thug shit is in us Flowin' through my system, you a victim Blunts, I twist em', fuck the whole world It's us against them you got some heat? Pull it out Cock the hammer if you wit' it, don't make No difference here, with the 25 to life sentence We already doin' life on the streetz Like algae, niggaz be heated, when they walkin' the beat This shit is flaky, makin' backs shaky, niggaz hate me Scared to face me, knowin' that the Outlawz blaze me Pull me up on game, put me up on a hustle Once I suck my money muscle, all the G's got devils Movin' shit like a dollar, beatin' niggaz like Rodney Turn a killa like Kadafi, and a nuke stream to stop me Chorus (E.D.I. Amin): [2Pac] Bring it on And all you lil' young ass souljahs You play this shit back about fifteen times You'll ha
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