Текст песни Gotthard - Unspoken Words

Need To Believe
Жанр: Hard Rock / Hard'n'Heavy
Исполнитель: Gotthard
Альбом: Need To Believe
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 3307
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Загрузил: Melomanrocker


Here I lie awake And my world is upside down All has turned to grey And I stert to hate this town I try to cope, what happened to my life Now the king of fools Has finally got his crown Oh Lord I should‘ve seen it coming But I was so blind When all out of nowhere She entered my life And I did let her go Tonight, unspoken words Inside, something still hurts Deep inside Would‘ve never believed This could happen to me for real Cuz I‘ve lost my head To a heart that‘s made of steel And here I stand with no more words to say See me down on the ground No, you‘ll never know how I feel Oh Lord I should‘ve seen it coming Come, answer my prayer But if life‘s just a game One thing‘s oh so true I‘m gonna play this one with you Tonight, unspoken words Inside, something still hurts Tonight, unspoken words Next time, I won‘t make the same mistake twice Looking back on endless broken glass Cracks with every step I take Can‘t get rid of shadows of the past Out in the rain Just me to blame
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