Текст песни Threat Signal - Lost

Жанр: Melodic Death / Modern Metal
Исполнитель: Threat Signal
Альбом: Vigilance
Длительность: 05:07
Рейтинг: 472
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Загрузил: AlienFriend


I'm running circles around my illusive head Looking for an answer, a reason I'm trying to figure out who is alive or dead Is it me or is it everyone else instead? Take a picture remember what I have said Its in your mind don't ever deny As I look into your eyes, I fear we are so blind We're lost till the end of time Never wanted to hear what they say Never wanted to believe them anyway My vision, this is my own I'm looking for an answer I can't understand Getting lost within myself The human mind can never see or comprehend If there is meaning to life after death As I look into your eyes, I feel we are so blind We're lost till the end of time As I look beyond the sky, I see another life We're lost till the end of time We can be confused and question the life we ensue I cannot describe this feeling I hold deep inside What is there after life? Is this what we call life? How can we be so blind? What if this is our lives? The pain we hold inside, in death we all will die If it's our only life, don't waste all of your time, live life before you die
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