Текст песни Billy Squier - Keep Me Satisfied

Emotions In Motion
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Billy Squier
Альбом: Emotions In Motion
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 534
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Загрузил: sergei10031991


Early in the mornin' I'm layin' on my bed Stickin' to the rhythm of the music in my head Rockin' in the mirror...rollin' out the door Hop into the car and put the pedal to the floor Callin' out your number--I'll take you for a ride Find something to keep me satisfied Runnin' for the money...layin' out the green It's a tax accountant's nightmare--it's a rock 'n roll dream The income may be different but the outcome's still the same You'll never be a winner boy until you play the game Hounded to distraction...racin' to and fro Losin' my direction keepin' up my status quo Now I tried - tried - tried - tried It just don't seem to keep me satisfied A hundred-thousand miles in a 747 Take it all in style if you wanna get to heaven Chasin' all the action every single night Never understand it but you try to do it right Ragged 'round the edges...none the worse for wear Cuttin' all the corners but they never get me there Now I try - try - try - try It just don't seem to keep me satisfied
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