Текст песни Tenacious D - One Note Song

Tenacious D
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Tenacious D
Альбом: Tenacious D
Длительность: 01:23
Рейтинг: 1294
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KG: Jack? JB: Yeah? KG: Do you think some people, do you think that there's some people that are really, that are actually robots living among us- JB: No. KG: -but we can't tell? JB: No we don't have that technology yet. But Rage, Rage, Rage- KG: Yeah? JB: -you know what I was thinking? Stop playing, I was thinking of a fuckin' brilliant song. KG: Yeah? JB: Check it out, just do what I do, KG: Ok... JB: Just play this note. (Plays) JB: Then we both, just keep both playing that note. Every once in a while bend it. And that's it and just remember who wrote that song - ME, baby, ME. KG: (Sighs) JB: See it's fuckin' simple, thats one song in the bank, next song- KG: Is th- JB: -next song- KG: -how could, but it's just one note. JB: -next! KG: Anybody coulda wrote it, anybody coulda done that,one song, just one note. JB: Yeah but guess who did write it, ME! KG: Yeah but did you write this... JB: Dude, I did I told you to do the bending every once in a while! KG: Oh yeah you did, fu- JB: Hoo hoo, I win- KG: Shit! JB: I win, one to nothing!
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