Текст песни Pillar - Holding On

Where Do We Go From Here
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Pillar
Альбом: Where Do We Go From Here
Длительность: 03:21
Рейтинг: 1365
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Загрузил: kira


I'm gonna keep on holding on Times are changing, rearranging All the raging over little things has got me all confused And I don't why, but it seems I caught the big lie And I'm letting go and reaching out for truth So, I can't stop now, 'til I find out what it's all about, and somehow Grab a hold, so no one can take it away I'll be, I'll be holding on I see right where I belong I know everything that's going on around me [x2] Your frustrations, complications, time is wasting You better figure out whether you're wasting time It all comes down to I can't make you feel what I do But I can feel for you, so, what do you got to lose? I'm gonna keep on holding on, while all of this is going on I should've seen this all along, but now, I see right where I went wrong That doesn't mean I can't be strong So, now, I've got to carry on It's hard to see that I was gone I'll stay right here where I belong
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