Текст песни Pillar - Bring Me Down

Where Do We Go From Here
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Pillar
Альбом: Where Do We Go From Here
Длительность: 03:31
Рейтинг: 2851
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: kira


You can't bring me down, you can't bring me down Back in the day when nothing really mattered to me I only saw with my eyes what they wanted to see And everything around me seemed to never change Looking for an easy way out, someone to blame Why does it work this way, still today? You wanna take somebody down along the way? But I won't let that one be me, 'cause I don't want the drama it brings See, today isn't "back in the day" anymore I know a little more than I did before So, don't forget before you try bringing me down What goes around always comes back around You can't bring me down Do you hear what I'm trying to say? You can't bring me down I'll never turn the other way You can't bring me down What is it you're trying to say? You can't bring me down It's not like I'm running away So, you think you can see inside my mind? You probably could if you just took a little time I know exactly what you're trying to say But sitting in the stands ain't the same as playing the game So, I can't comprehend in my mind Just why we can't leave it all behind So, come on and stand beside, and hold the line 'Cause tonight is the night we cry Oh Why can't we feel what it takes for us to be real? Why can't we see what it takes for us to believe? Why do we say all of these things that bring us down? You can't bring me down
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