Текст песни Crucifix - Down 2 Die (feat. Sean P)

Cruce Signati
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Crucifix
Альбом: Cruce Signati
Длительность: 03:35
Рейтинг: 84
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


VERSE 1 (Crucifix) I fade away from life... walkin' through the danger zone. Down 2 die, my last prayer spoken, I'm a product of the gutter... just a dead man walkin'. I run these streets at night, I can sleep when I'm dead and gone. Down 2 die, I'm sick of bein' broken, ain't no promise for tomorrow tell me what the point of hopin'? I ain't never had nothin' but a dirty burner, and a little bit of bud tonight. Down 2 die, if the pain don't kill me I'm gon' clap black choppers 'til the whole block hear me cuz. I'm just another life sittin' on the edge of murder, so I live it like I'm down 2 die. Down 2 die, I'm sick of bein' empty, I lay my soul to my city 'til Jesus come get me! HOOK (Crucifix) Fade away... Oh Lord, knowin' I could die tonight. All I say... is "so long", then end it like I'm down 2 die. VERSE 2 (Sean P) F*** it, I'm outlaw shawty ridin' on a Harley just me and my Glock 40. Late night, dressed in all black, I'm a gangsta. Suicide shiftin', apes, I sense anger. But f*** it, I'm livin' like I'm dyin' tonight. Con' liquor got me gone, man my mind ain't right. All my patnaz, they some killaz, we a two-wheel gang. Real untamed guerillas will bust that thang. Thangz don't change, n*** we inherit the beef, and I'm a soldier so I go and cook a steak for the chief. In a ski mask in a dumpster, I ain't playin' no games earnin' my stripes, crossin' out you b*** n*** z names. The danger zone, I know that I'm playin' it wrong but go to sleep in these streets and that ass is gone. With all my might, the Lawd just restored my right, so I'm ridin' on you n*** z like I'm dyin' tonight. HOOK VERSE 3 (Crucifix) Livin' on the edge, playin' in the dark... Ridin' like I'm down 2 die. The devil's in my head, beggin' for heart... Knowin' I could go tonight. Tell me what is life, if death is creepin'? Waitin' around the corner to call my name? In the air tonight, death is speakin'... Sayin' "pack your soul, cuz it's time to go!" That's just how it goes in the danger zone.
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