Текст песни Tankard - We Are Us

The Meaning Of Life
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Tankard
Альбом: The Meaning Of Life
Длительность: 04:42
Рейтинг: 775
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Загрузил: _Insurgent_From_Hell_


You`re such a down in your wig and your tights You look so silly, silly tonight Trying to be like your favorite star Why don`t you stay just the way that you are Be you, don`t try living a lie We too are true! Never a lie We are true (Chorus) Who are you? We are us! Be a man you can trust Being who you are is the key to yourself Who are you? We are us! What is the sense of a second hang life That`s no solution - it`s a disguise Just set your own personality free Look in the mirror and find your identity (Repeat 2nd verse) (Chorus) (Solo: Axel, Andy) Don`t pretend that you`re someone you`re not Pride in yourself,man, that means a lot Stick to your guns, do what you can do best And you will find that`s the best way to have success (Repeat 2nd verse) (Chorus) I can`t rest `til I`ve discovered why - we live and die Desperation`s driving me insane - pain in my brain (Chorus) It`s such a mystery What is the key to the meaning of life? I have to be sure What are we living for? It`s such a mystery But I`ll uncover the meaning of life What`s the use of fighting for rebirth- What is it worth? Born to live the dreams of our parents- What is the sense? If your life is from above There`s no need for making love Be the best that you can be Working for the family A weekend escape is only fantasy - Life isn`t free So I work in hopes I`ll get away - Maybe one day (Chorus) (Solo: Axel, Andy) Sometimes I think that life`s a game - But who`s to blame? Or is life for love and charity? - I disagree Life is just a money grab Taking all that`s to be had I can never be complete Everybody wants a piece Will I ever find some happiness? - Before my death But what if there`s an afterlife - In Paradise? (Chorus) The end of the mystery Think for yourself
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