Текст песни Theatre Of Tragedy - The Masquerader And Phoenix

Velvet Darkness They Fear
Жанр: Doom Death Metal / Gothic Doom Dark
Исполнитель: Theatre Of Tragedy
Альбом: Velvet Darkness They Fear
Длительность: 07:35
Рейтинг: 2313
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Загрузил: magicman


Hist! - The sonorous orchestral ambience and the arabesque-stanc'd ballerina, Her wee feet in an alacritic mælstrom-twirl, And the dust-hurl with her tears blendeth - Egad! this quagmire; Pasteth her unaptly apt feet to the stage: Like the wither'd rose of the luciferous Eden By the mummer'd-masquerader espied vigilly and mockingly, His behesting visage, tho' ruddily mummer'd 'tis - Embower'd and eddying oft and eft gloam by gloam, Her sweetness ne'er cloy - further! further! - His scratching and dallying hollow-heartéd eyes Her breasts and vestal heart caress, And like the dove and bird of prey leapeth she aërily, Whileas the orchestra playeth on travailingly; His one and sole swath With the pizzicato'd ensemble blendeth - And her umbral fœtal scream - As the song climaxeth And slowly dieth Away...
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