Текст песни Dreamtale - Dreamland

Beyond Reality
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Dreamtale
Альбом: Beyond Reality
Длительность: 03:36
Рейтинг: 1007
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Загрузил: Nosferatum


Come with me my friend You'll see a place beyond reality Fly into the night with me Together through eternity Earth they call this place they live Look (at) the mountains, oceans so deep Hatred, fear, intolerance Peace will never have a chance School too hard for man to learn Were those lessons from the past Time will show 'em answers true One day they will learn to Chorus: Fly with me toward the morning light You will see what lies beyond the night Place so real, where is no fear No need to shed any tears [Solo] Chorus: x2
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