Текст песни Down Low - It Ain't Over

Third Dimension
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Down Low
Альбом: Third Dimension
Длительность: 04:01
Рейтинг: 1585
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Jeam-T


drop it! huh! hit´em low, hit´em down low (x4) it ain´t over, yo! one, two, one, two, three come on, huh! as i walk upon the scene, a vision of mad man, as i walk i see vision of a backstand as i´m off into dark, he feel depression, feels words trampled in heart by rejection secrecy has grasp his own faith, abandonly he cries reminiscing of mate, huh! a silent scream over take the means, he seems trampled in his heart by a dreadlock skeem it ain´t over, till the fat lady has sung, ya young, see my friend, for you your life has just begun, keep your head, stay strong, you go to hold on, even though your life may seem like a sad song (just ease your mind), cause in time you´ll find, behind every cloud there is sunshine, come times when worst come to worst, you need to struggle and fight even when it hurts it ain´t over(4x) just be strong, you got to hold on, till fat lady sings her song, life will go on it ain´t over, it ain´t over now can he witness to my certain change, when will his life be mistaken as derranged, huh! everyday he walks with head hanging down, soul has abandoned him, now he´s heavenly bound, soullness man, trying to make a stand, has no plan lonely has he drifted to his past that he ran huh! feeling his depression in a heart-melt way, slowly walking to this man i begin to say stand amazed and dazed by the haze i place knowing the lord works in mysterious ways, but hey!, i see this planet is not meant for every man but god damn, is getting hotter than frying pan i know this is a test but i guess that the stress on my chest from zest, got me hopeless, but nevertheless, i know i can stand the test, cause at the end of my quest, things will be at their best it ain´t over (4x) just be strong, you got to hold on, till fat lady sings her song, life will go on it ain´t over, it ain´t over
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