Текст песни Fabolous - From Nothin' To Somethin' Intro

From Nothin' To Somethin'
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fabolous
Альбом: From Nothin' To Somethin'
Длительность: 02:54
Рейтинг: 641
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Загрузил: dash


Yesssss... [Intro 2X: Fabolous] Nigga the slump is over, we winnin again Bring some money out homey, we spend again Wipe the frown off shorty, we grinnin again Did he say again? Yesssss... we winnin again [Fabolous] I'm ridin through the metropolitan, everybody hollerin Me I'm just acknowledgin, with this million dollar grin Shine like a halogen, cool as the island wind I don't judge myself but if I do I'd give my style a ten Met a chick, who belong, on front of Cosmopolitan Thick in the right place, otherwise she model thin She don't do no swallowin, but she got a wilder friend Who don't give a fuck, I told both of them to follow then I'm with the familiar, you might be familiar with a few faces but they still the nine milli-a They be like the Young Guns, so I guess I'm Billy bruh I do more than William Bryant, I'm a little Willie-er Change a little chillier, wrist a little sillier And I'm grown, so I'm not, really the, kid at all But I hope you get it y'all, I can't say I did it all But believe that 'fore I leave it I'ma try to get it all What I don't get at all, is what these critics call stuntin, don't mean nuttin, they don't live her like they read it y'all It ain't the car, it's the way it's kitted y'all Meanin it's the little things, like the way my fitted fall The way my posture lean, the way my necklace hang You should respect this gang, if not expect this bang But all this wreckless slang, it don't effect us mayne They build you up to break you down, it's just like Tetris mayne~! That's why I sex Ms. Thang, and let the next miss hang And even if I wake up late I do the breakfast thang That's an important meal, I is the important deal Jay brought me to Def Jam, feel like it's Jordan deal I'm young mellow game-winning young fellow Remember me, I mixed one white with one yellow Turned nuttin into somethin, you can do it too This the music that you do it to, 'Lo-so
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