Текст песни Hush - Put 'Em Down

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Hush
Альбом: Bulletproof
Длительность: 03:47
Рейтинг: 1058
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Загрузил: Gragory


Verse 1 I'm the next new kid not on the block But I will knock your block off quick not with a glock But 2 guns and knuckles that bring pain It's a shame you couldn't spit venom on my name Is it worth all the fame and money it's no joke I done came from nothing to something it's so funny How you could just start at the bottom so hot Til they see you at spot when you got no product And the crowds do flock to see you And the shot you got and it's hot to be you And shocked to see through all the squat they feed you You did not squeeze through in a plot they need you The dude calling shots at the top could be you unless you get got and the rest it rings true It's just the beginning of pain and my glory Starts when I finish the end of this story CHORUS Shake The Ground (Everybody move to the sound! GET UP!) We Put 'em Down, Put 'em Down Put 'em Down now Shake The Ground (Everybody move to the sound! GET UP!) We Put 'em Down, Put 'em Down Put 'em Down now We Put 'em Down, Put 'em Down Put 'em Down now We Put 'em Down, UH! Verse 2 See I float like a butterfly You could fly like a bee with a sting but could never fight me Call it Bulletproof Teflon with a voice and track that hard just to put it through Cuz it's a banger comin' in showin' the middle finger Once I begin to flow you'll know anger 1 dagger sharp with the tongue I walk with a swagger You seem to stagger 1 slip of the jaw and Hush I'm Quick Draw McGraw Cuz me I see all see y'all fallout Ballout on the streets and seize all And beef I breath for Try me lyrically I'll bully and squeeze off 'til fully See y'all I'll risk it When your dogs to limp for bizkits call for this shit CHORUS BRIDGE I'm here, you've been waiting for me, you've been waiting to see, now that I'm here I'll be, Right on the top of things, no you don't want it now, Cuz we be poppin' thangs, no you don't want it I said no you don't want it now Verse 3 When I'm to hot you're lovin' it When I'm not you're just not into the plot with no slug in it Just not shot with a glock or Tupac in it Must not be in a squad with no thug in it Cuz I'm a breakthrough where I take you Now I will shake you up like a quake and make it so painful Pistols ain't playful it's the way crews act they erase you If I'm to face you I'll replace you quick When I spit shit that's so graceful Mase will embrace you So you better pray Jesus sways your way just to save you Me I will never die But I will live on in any song long as forever I live for the agony and defeat whatever it is I meet with no tragedy CHORUS
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