Текст песни Stephen Sondheim - Final Scene

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - OST / Суини Тодд: Демон-парикмахер с Флит-стрит - Саундтрек
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Исполнитель: Stephen Sondheim
Альбом: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - OST / Суини Тодд: Демон-парикмахер с Флит-стрит - Саундтрек
Длительность: 10:22
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TODD "Don't I know you?" she said . . . You knew she lived. MRS. LOVETT: I was only thinking of you! TODD : You lied to me. MRS. LOVETT: No, no, not lied at all. No, I never lied. TODD : Lucy... MRS. LOVETT: Said she took the poison — she did — Never said that she died — Poor thing, She lived — TODD: I've come home again . . . MRS. LOVETT: But it left her weak in the head, All she did for months was just lie there in bed — TODD: Lucy. . . MRS. LOVETT: Should've been in hospital, Wound up in Bedlam instead, Poor thing! TODD: Oh, my God . . . MRS. LOVETT: Better you should think she was dead. Yes, I lied 'cos I love you! TODD: Lucy... MRS. LOVETT: I'd be twice the wife she was! I love you! TODD: What have I done?... MRS. LOVETT: Could that thing have cared for you Like me? TODD: Mrs. Lovett, You're a bloody wonder, Eminently practical and yet Appropriate as always. As you've said repeatedly, There's little point in dwelling on the past. TODD: MRS. LOVETT: Do you mean it? Everything I did I swear I thought Was only for the best, Believe me! Can we still be Married? No, come here, my love .. Not a thing to fear, My love . . . What's dead Is dead. TODD: The history of the world, my pet — MRS. LOVETT: Oh, Mr. Todd, Ooh, Mr. Todd, Leave it to me .. . TODD: Is learn forgiveness and try to forget. MRS. LOVETT: By the sea, Mr. Todd, We'll be comfy-cozy, By the sea, Mr. Todd, Where there's no one nosy ... TODD: And life is for the alive, my dear, So let's keep living it — ! BOTH: Just keep living it, Really living it — ! TODD : There was a barber and his wife, And she was beautiful. A foolish barber and his wife, She was his reason and his life. And she was beautiful. And she was virtuous. And he was....
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