Текст песни The Cardigans - Live And Learn

Long Gone Before Daylight
Жанр: Pop-Rock
Исполнитель: The Cardigans
Альбом: Long Gone Before Daylight
Длительность: 04:16
Рейтинг: 1175
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Загрузил: Yoхан


I came home in the morning and everything was gone oh, what have I done! I dropped dead in the hallway cursing the dawn oh come on sun, why must I burn? I'm just trying to learn... I stared into the light to kill some of my pain it was all in vain, 'cause no senses remained but an ache in my body and regret on my mind but I'll be fine 'cause I live and I learn yes, I live and I learn if you live you will learn and I live and I learn got kicked in the head so I started a fight 'cause I knew I was right but I learned I was wrong I remember a slaughter I remember I fought for the money I'd brought I got blistered and burned and lost what I'd earned but I lived and I learned yes, I lived and I learned I've got, I've got it now! [she's got, she's got it now!] I came to on a corner, with some help from a man and goddamn, I don't seem to have learned that a lady in need is guilty indeed so I paid and got laid in return and I don't know what I've learned... well, you get what you give and hell yes, I lived! but if you live as you learn I don't think I can learn oh, with the sun in my eyes, surprise! I'm living a life... but I don't seem to learn no, I don't think I can learn
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