Текст песни Thi'sl - Broken Crown

Fallen King
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Gospel
Исполнитель: Thi'sl
Альбом: Fallen King
Длительность: 01:48
Рейтинг: 153
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Загрузил: DSVcrp


I hope y’all got your cameras rolling. Welcome to the movement The school system tried to tell me God don’t exist Hip hop told me God was on my wrist And I should sell my soul for this chain Then I could have his piece around my neck But then I walked outside And I saw nothing but some fallen kings Cemeteries full of soldiers nothing but fallen dreams My cousin told me I should follow dreams Right before they rolled up Masked up like it’s Halloween The chains off it’s time to blast off Let me loose take your hands off And I am sick of media tryna tell me who to be If you with me take that mask off You hear the screams of our broken mothers Look in the eyes of our broken brothers You hear the cries of our broken sisters Hope’s louder though he usually whispers That’s not a war for the faint of hearted A war probably came to get it started The last king that they saw was Martin Now place your eyes on 300 Spartans And we ain’t come to make peace We came to make war and bring healing to our streets Give the blind sight to see The deaf urge to hear and raise the dead from they sleep Can these bones live? Can they breathe? It’s that time homie watch and see And don’t you get confused watching me ‘Cause I am not confused I know I got a cross waiting for me
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