Текст песни Borialis - Inherited

What You Thought You Heard
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Borialis
Альбом: What You Thought You Heard
Длительность: 03:33
Рейтинг: 428
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Загрузил: magicman


I've been wonderin', still I'm uncertain If there's ever been an urgent time like the one we're in Once again, humans have plummeted From being on top of shit to being under it For instance, Americans on heroin Many men battle the sin, but they never win Their brains ain't tellin' them, that it's killin' 'em The false bliss makes 'em think it's fulfulling them We're all equipped to live in this environment That's why I'm in alliance with scientists Psychiatrists, always bringin' new clients in They tried diagnosiing me, I wasn't buyin' it No way I'll behave like tame man Being made with the DNA of a cave man This strange land, wasn't a part of the game plan Can't stray from the ways that nature made man Chorus And we'll never stop until the end There is no inherited shut off switch Tellin' us we had enough of all this I need someone tellin' me when to stop cause I'll keep going One part is what I've learned another part's inherited Another problem is overpopulation Too many kids and not enough occupations We got no patience, just lots of hatred In this one big melting pot of races Obsessive-compulsives act on impulses I never chose to overindulge in my dosage I just opened up and ate it like a vulture Just how us humans are supposed ta There is no inherited shut off switch Tellin' us we had enough of all this We ain't evolvin', we're just dissolvin' Just a bunch of food, drug, and alcoholics Chorus I got ever reason to believe in demons It's more than it seems it ain't just me dreamin' We need to breed by releasing semen It's in the girl's genes to receive and feed them It makes for males in the world to be Planting their seed in every pretty girl he sees Though we seem to be behaving perfectly We don't know our fates at stake mistakenly I'm very sure Henry Ford didn't know That a car's exhaust would defrost the North Pole See across the globe, we all lost control But little did we know it would cost our home Chorus
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