Текст песни Pro - Call Me Back 2

PSA Vol. 3: Who is Derek Minor?
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Gospel
Исполнитель: Pro
Альбом: PSA Vol. 3: Who is Derek Minor?
Длительность: 01:14
Рейтинг: 25
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Загрузил: DSVcrp


I don't even need to say my name. You know it's Shawshank, don't you. I got a great idea, and I just want you to get in the car and ride. This one is going to separate you from everybody else. You need a mega-church. You've heard of Creflo. You've heard of Joel Osteen. You've hear of T.D. Jakes. You need a mega-church... but a mega-church for PETS! So when they're asking, "where my dogs at?" They're at PRo's church! "Where do the cool cats hang out?" They're at PRo's church! "Where the fly chicks at?" The baby chicks are at PRo's church! Ain't nobody doing that! PRo... you have GOT to call me back!
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