Текст песни Petey Pablo - In A Minute

Eagle7 Presents: Old But Gold, 1st Selection
Жанр: R'n'B / Hip-Hop / Crunk
Исполнитель: Petey Pablo
Альбом: Eagle7 Presents: Old But Gold, 1st Selection
Длительность: 03:16
Рейтинг: 481
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Загрузил: Smitty100


[Hook: Petey Pablo] 2x Suge gonna be off the road in a minute Stick your finger in the ground nigga spin it All you ding-dongs out there had your little pass You gonna have to turn them in, in a minute [Verse 1: Petey Pablo] Where your motherfucking hall pass You better have a hall pass or you better haul ass I ain't fucking playing It used to be a game now the game is a wrap You had plenty time to run lap, now it's time to fall back Time to bring the streets back You know where the streets at Right here in my chest cav and hard abs No mask, no slab Goddamn, you done let the cat out the bag More less, lost the cat off the Jag And that shit welded on there Well and on there ?????? [Hook] 2x [Verse 2: Petey Pablo] I'm a motherfucking ?? Yeah I said it, and I know what I said ain't shock you I'm liable to say anything I'm off the chain Been this way, since I was in the third grade Ask anybody that was in the third grade with me They tell ya' the same thing That boy crazy Yeah, I'm crazy, mentally unstable I got papers, that's what they can tell ya' That's why I can hook the jump and switch Labels And nobody gonna say shit Who gonna get in the way of these two maniacs Ready to bust a nigga head, faster than you could flip a light switch You didn't see this, did ya' No ya' didn't And that's why it's so goddamn good too [Hook] [Verse 3: Petey Pablo] Hey Suge, let's go holla at Nate Dogg Nate, where Snoop Dogg Snoop, where Dre, dog Tell him I'm looking for him Tell him I gotta track for Eminem to get on I ain't bullshitting Dude, I really want em' Think could ya send them something How bout' Young Buck How bout' Game And all them other motherfuckers That's scared to come out here on the West Coast Cause they think they gonna get something done to them [Hook] 2x [Outro]
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