Текст песни Chris Brown - Leave Me Alone (feat. Stix)

Ultimate RnB Collection 11
Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Chris Brown
Альбом: Ultimate RnB Collection 11
Длительность: 03:31
Рейтинг: 384
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Veyron


Intro:] Chris Brown: They might even say you should leave me alone Don't be scared... They might even say you should leave me alone. (fading in and out) [Verse 1:] They tell you that I'm no good for you. Too rude, too cool, too hood for ya. Ya friends sayin things that they should'nttell you. They like, "Nah girl he a bad look for you." They try to paint me to be a monster. N all that jus makes you put your guards up. I'm like nahh don't trust what cha friends say. Cause they miserable, They hatin it's clear as day. All that talk in the beauty shop is hear say. You can't believe em when they tell you that I'm crazy. Yes, I can't lie that I'm a hood nigga, but deep down I'm a good nigga. [Chorus: repeat of intro] [Verse 2:] Listen yeah, Look what chu showed me, How could you fault me. You let em judge me N they don't even know me. What makes me so bad? Because my pants sag? I should'nthave to make no excuse for who I am. Yeah I'm a thug right? You what a thug likes. I can't help that I want chu in a thugs life. I mean the whole world is what I'm tryna bring to ya. Make ya own choice, don't let em think for you. You prolly think what cha friends say can't be wrong. "What kinda man always keeps a bandana on? " So now you back to ignorin me. You back lyin to yourself about wantin me. [Chorus: repeat] [Verse 3:] I can't stop all the things that they say about me (I can't.) But what's sad is you believe what you hear about me.(damn) You can't see all these haters wanna see you doubt me But deep down girl I know you see yourself around me I'm so real, man my life is a movie flick You can't see it cause you caught up on that booshy shit Now tell me you don't want me. Look me in my face, say you never gonna call me. Tell me you don't wanna open up N give me all that. Feel on my tattoos, touch where I'm scarred at. I guess I'm tryin jus a bit much. You care what other people think, so I'm a give it up. [Outtro: Chris Brown fading out]
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