Текст песни Solillaquists Of Sound - Harriet Tubman Pt. 2

No More Heroes (CD 1)
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Solillaquists Of Sound
Альбом: No More Heroes (CD 1)
Длительность: 03:22
Рейтинг: 15
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


VERSE 1 (Alexandrah) Caught up queens dress easy And pelvic thinking kings attempt to Quench unrest with heavy heaving Weaves conceal locks And cease us seeing ancestry in real places Like the face of young and seasons One reason of multitudes To slow and stop the follow suits of walking dead Is cliff beyond the wishing well of promises We know too well these hungry devils fed From the beginning Now that we own ourselves I wonder if we’ll ever for ourselves do well Resisting Tempts exempt from rationale and strategies To re-create an inner hell Gone missing Is memory of majesty, significance of family, and worth of queen Rescinding Ages of our stable era, clarity of conscientious reasoning HOOK: Harriet Tubman would be proud to see the exploitation we’ve allowed VERSE 2 (Swamburger) I wanna know when did we settle for slavery aimlessly aiming for Famous and Andy, shamelessly tapping the toe for show and telling our folks… “Take the abuse for now on the boat, then hop on the wagon of busing and bragging about a belief in affirmative action.” I thought this would never happen after certain people started rapping about stopping the violence. “Oh, oh, oh, oh wait.” Don’t it seem as if we waited long enough for change, praying for the oppressor’s God to reign over us as a crutch- such as, when you know the world trusts whatever you tell em on television in repetition, fixing the problem with rims and chicken… ha ha ha ha, nope. Get a better meaning for the word dope. And when it comes for the time of your people’s demise, would you keep with the lies you wrote? Not me, that’s so sloppily but in the meantime you goin’ copy these lowest common denominator propagators. HOOK VERSE 3 Some of the troubles in the world are obvious but have to be pointed out. Some of the pain you feel is not for real and made to be about. Most forget the bottom-line to define the problems design while others invest in a pleasant performer informing YOU… “crank that soldier toy.” Now eeny-meeny-miny-mo, Aunt Jemima, Sambo, Uncle Ben and Mammy too- which one are you black people? Forced to package soul in boxes. (coal scuttle) Struggle, struggle! Muffled brother, free willy… sister too. Now pick yourself up. Think you can? Think you can! Think I can? Hope you think so. Train for the boat you rowed on. I bought a life vest but it’s mine, get yours on. I might’ve been a fool for the past for your wrongs but right now we got facts to move on. Left Right Left Right Past where are you now see? Negligent of a new injury, a wound I carry upon belief. Beyond my now I walk asleep. Honestly I’m an old friend of time. I used to be ahead of mine until the day I killed my end. Live to walk in circles again.
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