Текст песни Asher Roth - Y.O.U. (feat. Slick Rick)

Asleep In The Bread Aisle
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Asher Roth
Альбом: Asleep In The Bread Aisle
Длительность: 03:53
Рейтинг: 21
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


"You are not someone else, someone else is someone else You are you, it is you, you are you" [Slick Rick] Slick Rick and Asher is on this jam Slick Rick and Asher is on this jam "You are you" Slick Rick and Asher is on this jam "It is you, you are you, you are you" [Chorus: Asher Roth & Slick Rick] There's nothing, that you can do about it The one thing that I've figured out is "you are you" Forget it, there's no way around it "It is you, you are you, you are you" [Asher Roth] No matter what I do to try and fit in There's nothing I can do about this body I was given I'm blond and I am skinny, with my mom's ? skin The Scotter side, and my father schnoz to go with it Nice nose, my hair, yeah I can try and dye it And contacts could change the color of my eyes but "you are you" That would only mean that I am lying And openly denying it's not who, who I am I try to be too big for my britches And couldn't, regardless of my Skee-Lo wishes A couple more inches and I would be in business But still I'm waking up 5'10 every Christmas "you are you" My fingerprints is what makes me different It took a little bit, but I can finally admit it This is my appearance, this is my face Looking in the mirror there is nothing I can change Might be a little strange, the way you can see my veins But if we were the same, the world would be plain vain It would be lame, you would never learn a thing So go against the grain, and let these people know your name "you are you" [Chorus 2X] [Slick Rick] Dog kiss culprits, all getting a girl Due to hip hop invisible pulping off the wall Nothing to play with, skipping all the way with It conveying who we all are, how we all fit in this mosaic Portrait, thesis of a brother Homosexual being last pieces of the puzzle All religion who read divine pine verse Could God once pray, folks get their mind right first Then weed out, legitimate seed crop ? with ? feed like intrigue why And politics, harvest the chatter Dissect good from garbage that'll matter "you are you" Now I doubt you, but allowed to What amounts to, that's just what adults do Keeping with the pace of barbarian Keeping goldy jewels in the face of American "you are you" [Chorus 2X] [Asher Roth] Besides, it's all about your mind Your will and your drive, and what's going on inside The size of your heart is what sets you apart If you aren't using it, I suggest that you start "you are you" Think hard, take a walk around the block "you are you" It's cool if you're a nerd, or a jock Or a prep, or a goth, nobody gives a fuck There's nothing you can do, just stop, just stop, man Mad props since I linked up with Knotts Still never wear socks, always in flip flops No chain or a watch, I be slinging no rocks But my slang be the thang that be saving hip hop (he's good) Screw the box, go outside the lines Just be you, stop with the trying And in due time, it is true you will find There is nothing to remember if you never ever lie "you are you" [Chorus 2X]
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