Текст песни Prince - Ripopgodazippa

Crystal Ball
Жанр: Funk
Исполнитель: Prince
Альбом: Crystal Ball
Длительность: 04:39
Рейтинг: 288
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: dembyak


Ripopgodazippa, ripopgodazippa A few flick of da pink plush and dis brother trippa Start down at da bass then stop at da treble Circle da midrange and up go me levels "Precious" by Chantй is rockin' da box Dis cannot be 4play cuz dis be 2 hot Up go da left thigh on me shoulder bare Up go da right and me blood pressure there With my tongue in da cheek of your gold underwear One yank of da teeth and they off on da chair CHORUS: Ripopgodazippa, ripopgodazippa A few flick of da pink plush and dis brother trippa My girlie, how in da world did U learn dis dat U know? Ripopgodazippa, etc. etc. so This bench dat I normally use 4 the weights My girl, she lay me down and try my soul 2 take A devil dis night she was before as I'm layin' there She take it all right down her throat, right down 2 da hair She wouldn't move a muscle 4 what seemed like days My heart stop beating and I die dis way CHORUS Ripopgodazippa I lay me girl down on da fake lamb fur It's fake but it's still soft as what's between her Lavender oil cum from the bottle like I do Whenever I think about me zippa rippin' so cool All down the body and double between da thighs Ripopgodazippa and U get a big surprise CHORUS Ripopgodazippa Instead of walkin' inside, I just knock on da door I take a look around until she beggin' me "More, more, more!" When I finally cum inside, I stand perfectly still "I can't take no more!" - Pump U then I will "I just wanna call your name, but I don't know what 2 say" Ripopgodazippa If U're always with me U'll never have 2 call me Touchй, touchй Hey CHORUS Ripopgodazippa (Ripopgodazippa) Etc. etc. so Ripopgodazippa
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