Текст песни Innerpartysystem - The Waiting Time

All The Rest
Жанр: New Wave / Synthrock / Electronic Rock
Исполнитель: Innerpartysystem
Альбом: All The Rest
Длительность: 03:01
Рейтинг: 136
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Загрузил: deleted000


My hands are clenched, Clenched so tight, Closely to your delicate arms. I'm holding on for dear life, And trying not to cause any harm. And when she moves right by me, The only thing I see, Is the fleeting thought of romance, And the subtleties of peace. I'm not supposed to be here, Or is this honestly how it's supposed to be? How can she walk away so fast How come the future never lasts? I knew I'd always question why But I know love will take some time. It's not a question, but a thought Of what you have not what you've lost. And through time everything will change And we will give our love a name.
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